8+ years of experience as a full stack software developer.

Quick profile summary:
  • Watermark Insights(Chandigarh) - Jan, 2020 to Current
  • R Systems International Limited(Noida) - 9 months
  • Trantor Software Private Limited(Gurgaon, Chandigarh) - 1 year
  • Headerlabs Infotech Private Limited(Gurgaon) - 3+ years
  • Polaris Financial Technology Limited(Gurgaon) - 2+ years
  • Backend: Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend: Javascript, JQuery, ReactJS, AngularJS, material-ui
  • Database: Mysql, MongoDB, Postgresql, MS SQL SERVER
  • Backend TDD: RSpec
  • Frontend TDD: ReactJS(enzyme, chai), AngularJS(jasmine)
  • BDD: Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, Watir
  • Bug tracking tools: JIRA
  • IDE: RubyMine
  • CMS: Shopify
  • Web Server: Nginx
  • App Server: puma, passenger, unicorn
  • Others: Accessibility, Deployment with Mina
Open Source Contributions
  • simple_notifications: A RUBY GEM for adding notifications for any model in a rails application. It takes out the functionality of notifications in the common space.
  • canvas_plate: JQuery plugin for adding drawing tools(Arrow, Rectangle, Circle, Scribble etc.) functionality.
  • ScrollPaginator: JQuery plugin for infinite scrolling on the page.
  • Via(Watermark Insights)

    Application for Assessment & Accreditation Planning for Educational Institutions in USA. Establish a central home for assessment, accreditation, program review, and strategic planning processes. With transparency and clear guidance for all stakeholders, you can create a solid foundation for meaningful assessment across your institution. Flexible data collection, including integrations with Watermark and other systems, makes it easy to capture many types of evidence of student outcomes achievement.

    • Ruby, ROR, Sidekiq, ReactJS, AmgularJS, Material UI
    • Accessibility
    • Rspec, Enzyme, Chai, Jasmine
  • CrossCode(R Systems International Limited)

    Intelligent decision making and management system for banking applications. The goal of the product is to provide customer interface with minimal user input values to provide easy accessible decision making of leasing and lending of product.

    • Ruby 2.6.3
    • Java, Mysql
  • ThirdPillar-Grade(Trantor Software Private Limited)

    A leasing and lending product for banking applications. Intelligent decision making and management system for banking applications. The goal of the product is to provide customer interface with minimal user input values to provide easy accessible decision making of leasing and lending of product.

    • Ruby, ROR, jQuery
    • Postgresql, xml
  • DrawingView(Headerlabs Infotech Private Limited)

    DrawingView Software is designed so that Architects and Contractors can focus on their work, rather than on managing papers, drawings, and reports. Simply upload your project files on the app, and it finds sheet names, creates Hyperlinks, manages sheet versions, and does tons of other things so that you can get what you want in your iphone or ipad device.*

    • Ruby, ROR, jQuery ,active_admin, photofy.
  • Medville(Headerlabs Infotech Private Limited)

    Medville is an solution where a patient can book appointment for a doctor to get service. Its a complete API project for iphone application.

    • Ruby, ROR, active_admin, paperclip, stripe, timekit, sidekiq.
  • HeartRateSocial(Headerlabs Infotech Private Limited)

    HeartRateSocial is a social networking application. Here user can define his/her eating habits and fitness activities. Then user can find his/her network based upon the preference settings which include 1. Radius under which matches should be found. 2. Matches of a particular gender. 3. Age range of people to be found for matches. 4. Matches having same type of interests.*

    • Ruby, ROR, active_admin, paperclip
  • Docademic(Headerlabs Infotech Private Limited)

    It is basically for both doctors and, patients where a doctor can read journals about of their speciality and contact other doctor for help.Patient can store all their medical history and lot more.

    • Ruby, ROR, Jquery, RSS::Parser, Solr, Memcache.
  • Edswell(Headerlabs Infotech Private Limited)

    Edswell is designed to help counselors and college-bound students with college application essay writing process.The site offers an incredibly intuitive system that helps counselors and students manage the variety and diversity of college essays along with the progression from draft to final essay.

    • Ruby, ROR, jquery, JavaScript, ckeditor,
    • social share plugin,stripe, dropbox, facebook api,active_admin, photofy.
  • iRetail(Polaris Financial Technology Limited)

    iRetail is a robust and comprehensive application suite that embodies the mandatory functionality of a typical business while providing ample scope for configuration and customization to each retailer's business needs. The features are drawn from the best retail practices from around the world and are set atop a state-of-the-art technology development framework that understands the art of merging business and technology together to achieve maximum results.

    • Ruby, ROR, Jquery