Ransack search in rails


Searching any item within the application is a very common requirement. Almost all the applications require the functionality to search different items.

Different options

Ransack search, Solr search, Mysql search, elastic search and etc.

Why use Ransack

Its very simple and efficient to implement for searching in ROR.


  • Add gem in Gemfile
 gem 'ransack'
  • Add a new route
  get '/department/:department_id/items_list', to: 'departments#items_list', as: 'search_items' 
  • Add corresponding controller action
  def items_list
    @items = @q = @department.items.ransack(params[:q]).results
  • Add search form in items_list.html.erb
   <%= search_form_for(@q, url: search_items_path(@department), method: :get) do |f| %>
      <%= f.search_field :name_or_location_cont %>
      <%= f.submit %>
   <% end %>


:name_or_location_cont is the key factor here. It specifies that item is contained in (name or location) attributes in item model.


  1. :name_or_location_cont - item is contained in (name or location)
  2. users_name_start - associated model user’s name starts with search item.
  3. <%= link_to ‘My items’, search_items_path(@department, q: {user_id_eq: 1}) %> will also work.
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