bin folder in rails

Working in Ruby on Rails, one should have a very clear understanding about the working of [rails s] with which we start our server and the /bin directory created in our project.

Important points
  • Any command(like rails s) which we run from the terminal is an executable, residing in one of the folder in load path of our system($PATH)
  • Rails executable gets installed when we install rails gem.
  • rails in our [rails s] command is a ruby executable.
  • Ruby executable means, an executable file written in ruby code.
  • When we run [rails s] an equivalent command [exec ruby bin/rails server] is executed. Which runs ruby executable [rails] file in bin directory of our project.
  • All the files in /bin directory of a rails project are ruby executable files.
  • Binstubs are wrapper scripts around executables, whose purpose is to prepare the environment before dispatching the call to the original executable.
  • In Ruby world, the most common binstubs are the ones that RubyGems generates after installing a gem that contains executables.
# For example - 
# What happens when we run [gem install rspec-core]. Rspec ships with an executable located at [./exe/rspec] inside of t7he gem.
# After the installation, RubyGems will provide us with the following executables-

# 1. <ruby-prefix>/bin/rspec (binstub generated by RubyGems)
# 2. <ruby-prefix>/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rspec-core-XX.YY/exe/rspec (original)

# The generated binstub <ruby-prefix>/bin/rspec is a short Ruby script, presented in a slightly simplified form here:
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rubygems'

# Prepares the $LOAD_PATH by adding to it lib directories of the gem and
# its dependencies:
gem 'rspec-core'

# Loads the original executable
load Gem.bin_path('rspec-core', 'rspec')
  • By running command rails s, different files in the rails get initialized in the following sequence -
    1. Gemfile
    2. config/boot.rb
    3. config/application.rb
    4. config/environments/development.rb
    5. config/initializers/*.rb
    6. config/environment.rb
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